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    Dot & Dab Glue Gun

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    Spray Glue 400ml

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Glues and Adhesives for Any and All Projects!

Most craft creations are incomplete without a binding agent that holds everything together. That makes adhesives and varnishes a staple requirement in every crafter’s storage box. While it may seem banal in the overall scheme of things, choosing the right adhesive is important to ensure that your creation has a clean, finished look. Here at Raaaft, we stock an assortment of sticking and fixing agents that suit a variety of projects, and bind your creations seamlessly.

Shop Online for a Wide Range of Adhesives and Varnishes

On our site, you will find a wide range of glues and tapes that work well with diverse materials and surfaces. Depending on the nature of your project, choose special glues, clear glues, child-friendly craft glues, glue dots, spray glues, and other all-purpose adhesives. Browse through our extensive collection of colourful glitter glues. Find the perfect glue gun along with refill glue sticks for mess-free sticking. For decoupage projects, check out the trusted, all-in-one glues and varnishes from Mod Podge®. These versatile, easy-to-use products are non-toxic and perfect for budding crafters. Also enjoy a wide variety of tapes, including decorative sticky tapes, cello tapes, duct tapes, double-sided tapes, sticky pads, self-adhesive magnets and wall tacks.

Top Quality Glues at Affordable Prices

Shop for all your sticking, binding, and taping requirements on our site and be assured of quality products at reasonable prices. We also offer a large selection of other craft-box necessities. Choose us for all your art and craft supplies and earn a 10% credit on every order when you shop with us continually. You can use the credit on your subsequent purchase.

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Glue Tricks beyond the Crafts

It is amazing that the simple, cheap and durable white glue (also called school glue) finds a variety of uses beyond craft projects. Here are some household hacks that the humble glue can accomplish:

  • Remove Splinters: Instead of using tweezers or pins to remove a stubborn splinter in your finger, simply dab some glue and allow it to dry before peeling it off. You will pull the splinter out along with it.
  • Avoid Fraying: Keep items such as shoelaces, ropes, jeans from fraying by applying some glue at the ends.
  • Protect Pruned Plants: If you have a green thumb, you will be pruning your plants regularly. Apply glue at the end of the pruned stems to keep the plants hydrated and repel insects.
  • Heal Paper Cuts: Use a small drop of glue to seal your tiny paper cut. Once dry, it keeps the wound sealed and clean, and also helps to dull the pain or stinging sensation.
  • Perfect your Manicure or Pedicure: Even if you aren’t a professional manicurist, you can get those perfectly painted nails without even a slight smear. Apply an even layer of glue on your fingers around the nail bed and let it dry. Even if your polish runs over it, it will keep it away from the skin around the nail. Just peel off the dried glue once you have finished applying the polish. 

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