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Craft Accessories Bundled Up For Your Convenience

At Raaaft, we are passionate about arts and crafts, and know the joy and satisfaction of making, using and gifting handcrafted items. In our store you will find a comprehensive collection of craft supplies that cater to a wide range of creative projects and hobby ideas. While you can browse through every section of our site for items related to a specific project, here you will find a mixed bag of supplies that are universal to any craft. Browse this section for an assorted range of craft accessories, including decorations, embellishments, stationery, tools, pre-packaged kits, and more.

Stock Your Stash of Craft Accessories

Whether you are a budding hobbyist, building up your box of accessories, or an expert crafter, restocking your stash of craft supplies, we have everything you need. On our site, you will find an exhaustive collection of accessories related to kids crafts, needle felting, decoupage, clay and casting, foam and felt, candle making, paper mache and more. You will be spoilt for choice with our vast collection of trimmings that are useful in a host of creative projects. In addition to the common crafting tools such as scissors, cutters, hole punches, and stencils, we also stock accessories such as wood burning tools, etching and embossing tools, calligraphy pens, mini irons, blades and other such items.

Diverse Crafting Accessories under One Roof

When it comes to crafting accessories, you want to see a diverse range of quality products in one place instead of looking for different item in different stores. On our site you can shop for an extensive range of craft and hobby supplies, all under one roof. Additionally, we offer a 10% credit on every order, when you shop with us continually. You can use the credit on your subsequent purchase.

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Accessories that Every Craft Box Should Have

The craft box of hard core crafters is nothing short of a treasure chest. The items that you find inside this box may be quite simple and mundane, but for the crafter, they are priceless. These accessories allow their imaginative minds to create something extraordinary each time they are utilised. Here are some must-have items for every craft box:

  • Scissors and Paper Trimmers: If you are serious about crafting and pursuing hobbies, then consider having more than one pair of scissors. If they are stainless steel, they will last for several years. Use the 8inch straight scissors for cutting out big or long shapes, 5 inch micro-tip scissors for cutting intricate patterns, and the 8 inch pinking shears to cut zigzag patterns or items such fabric and ribbons. For broad and precise cuts, use a 12 inch long paper trimmer.
  • Markers, Pens, Crayons: For big sized projects, especially school project boards, stock up on chalk markers, both the broad tipped ones as well as the fine 3 mm ones. Collect a wide variety of coloured pens, pencils, crayons, that come in handy in a variety of creative projects.
  • Paper Punchers: You get paper punches in a variety of shapes and sizes; pick up as many as you like. Let your craft box have at least one regular round and one scalloped edge one, to create a diversity in your collection.
  • Craft Knife: For any kind of small, precision cutting, the craft knife is your best friend. Try to pick one which has a cap so that the sharp edge stays covered. A craft knife works best when used with a cutting mat, so try and pick up one for your craft box.
  • Washi Tapes and Ribbons: If you are obsessed with colourful labelling and organizing, then add some vibrant hues to your collection. Stash a supply of washi tapes and ribbons in materials such as silk, satin, plastic and prints such as vintage floral, hearts, dots, geometric patterns and more.
  • Glues and Adhesives: An all-in-one glue, sealer, finisher such as Mod Podge along with a foam brush will take care of most of your adhesive requirements. But also keep a generous supply of white glue, especially if your kids are also budding crafters. You may also want to invest in a low temperature mini glue gun that comes in handy for several delicate projects.

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