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Add Finishing Touches to Your Creations with Craft Buttons

Are you a button collector who picks every stray or spare button you find and stows it in pretty boxes or glass jars? Or are you an arts and crafts enthusiast who likes to use buttons to add finishing touches for a variety of projects? Big or small, round or some other shape, buttons serve as interesting embellishments in a host of crafting ideas. While buttons were mainly created as fasteners, the emergence of craft buttons has led to unending opportunities in the world of art. Here at Raaaft, we recognize the potential of these tiny, delightful trimmings. Our extraordinary collection of buttons will make you want to use them in every project that you work on.


Pretty, Colourful, Cute, Vintage – All the Craft Buttons You Need

Browse our site for an extensive range of buttons in stunning colours, sizes and packages. You can choose from a variety of materials including plastic, wood, and metal. Of course, we have the standard shape of round buttons, plus, we stock buttons in a range of other shapes such as hearts, flowers, stars and more. If you need more than a single colour, go for the assorted bags, or get buttons in numerous shades of the same colour family. Don’t forget to check out our gorgeous collection of vintage, wood buttons. These pretty pieces are sure to inspire you and leave you wanting more.

High Quality Craft Buttons at Affordable Prices

Shop for all your craft button requirements on our site and you are assured of quality products at reasonable prices. We also offer a large selection of other craft-box necessities. Choose us for all your art and craft supplies and earn a 10% credit on every order when you shop with us continually. You can use the credit on your subsequent purchase.

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Buttons Around the World

“There is surely something charming in seeing the smallest thing done so thoroughly.” – Charles Dickens’ comment on Victorian buttons

Buttons are fascinating crafting items. These tiny works of art made the button-making trade a mainstay in several regional economies through the late 18th and early 19th centuries. With an enthralling history and innumerable uses, it is no surprise that these tiny creations have been studied, documented, displayed and admired in several dedicated button museums across the world. Here are some of the noteworthy ones:

  • Waterbury Button Museum: Located at The MATT in Connecticut, USA, this museum has over 10,000 exquisite buttons on permanent display. It showcases buttons from all over the world, including picture buttons and buttons made from Czechoslovakian glass, Japanese enamel, ivory, wood, and more.
  • Dalton Stevens Button Museum: Located in a town called Bishopville in South Carolina, USA, this museum displays the unusual button art created by hobbyist Dalton Stevens. A self-proclaimed ‘Button King’, Stevens decorated a number of his personal items with button art, including his suits, shoes, car, guitar, and even a hearse and an outhouse.
  • The Button Museum: This museum in Riviera Di Rimini, Italy displays a fine collection of over 8,500 buttons divided into 3 sections. These are categorized by their political, social or fashion history, types of materials used and a dedicated section of distinctive buttons made from precious materials.
  • Button Museum, Grandmother’s Buttons: Located in the town of St. Francisville, in Louisiana, USA, this is an unusual combination of a store, studio, museum and historic building combined into one. The museum celebrates fine craftsmanship and displays thousands of ornately crafted antique fasteners.

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