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Bunting Kits to Liven up Any Space

Whether you want to add some fun colours to a room, or spruce up your backyard for a garden party, bunting kits are the perfect way to decorate any space. Sew up coloured, dotted, striped, or starry triangles or add your personal touch by creating some mix n’ match. At Raaaft, you will find a variety of streamers that suit every theme, venue or celebration. From birthdays and weddings, to baby showers and festivals, we have the right bunting kits for you.

Buntings to Suit Every Mood, Theme and Occasion

Shop with us for a wide range of bunting kits that make your venue come alive. You can choose from our assorted collection of vintage, floral fabric buntings, scalloped edge card buntings, colourful paper buntings, and charming hessian buntings. Don’t forget to check out our birthday bunting kits that spell out ‘Happy Birthday’ in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns. We even stock kits with special festival themes such as Christmas, Halloween, or Easter.  

Shop for Bunting Kits and Be Rewarded

Shop with us for a wide range of bunting kits for your events or home, or as a gift for a sewing enthusiast. Order all your art, craft and sewing supplies through our site and earn rewards for repeat purchases. As our loyal customer, we reward you with a 10% credit on every order, which you can use on your subsequent purchase. If you are shopping with us for the first time, get 20% off on your first order. Click here to create an account now.

The History of Buntings

Despite the overwhelming choices in party decorations, the humble buntings have retained a special place for events, festivals and celebrations all over the world. Streamers made with fabric or paper triangles, buntings add a fun and colourful vibe to any occasion. Not only easy-to-make by just sewing up a variety of triangular flags, buntings are also very versatile. They present endless possibilities to personalize your creations and suit any venue or type of celebration.

Did You know?

  • Bunting was actually the description of the lightweight, worsted wool fabric material used to make the individual triangular flags, also called the tammy. Today ‘bunting’ is used as a generic term to describe any streamer of triangular flags sewn together. The flags may be made from materials such as cotton, jute, plastic, ribbons, or paper.    
  • The earliest buntings were made in the 1600s and were likely used for the signal flags used by the UK’s Royal Navy. Even today, the sailors who are responsible to hoist the signal flag on ships are informally called ‘bunts’.
  • In the UK, buntings are a tradition for any street party or demonstration. They have made appearances as street décor for celebrations at the end of World War II, as well as other events and festivities related to the British royals.

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