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Fabrics Unlimited

Fabrics are at the very essence of our existence; no amount of fabric is ever enough. The elegant use of fabric in crafts and needlework only fortifies the urge of fabric lovers to stash more of their favourite materials. So, whether you are looking for cut pieces, rolls or metres of fabric, or even fat quarters, we have it all at Raaaft. Our extensive range of fabrics serve as a delightful addition to patchwork, quilting, needlework, fabric decoupage, and a host of other creative projects. 

Fabulous Fabrics for every Creative Project

Browse our site for a wide variety of fabrics in different materials, textures, colours, patterns and sizes. From polka dots and pastels, to stripes, stars and vintage florals, we have plenty of fabrics to inspire you. Find the perfect pre-cut pieces for your needlework, and stock up your fat quarter supplies for quilting. We also have an assorted collection of themed prints such as nautical, geometric, animals, birds and fruits, as we well as quirky animation characters or bold abstracts. 

Quality Fabrics at Competitive Prices

We understand that when it comes to fabric, quality is paramount. At Raaaft, we offer the best brands at competitive prices and provide free delivery if your order value exceeds £30. When you shop with us continually for all your art, craft, needlework and fabric supplies, we reward you with a 10% credit on every order. You can use the credit on your subsequent purchase.

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Every Project has an Ideal Fabric: Find Your Right Fit 

With a wide range of materials, patterns, textures, and hundreds of colour options, choosing the right fabric may be quite overwhelming. Sometimes you tend to pick something based on how it looks, but later realise that it was not the right fit for your project. You may want to check aspects such as how is the fabric’s overall fall and feel, how much does it shrink post wash, how easy is it to sew, or do the edges fray when you cut it, and so on. Here’s a quick overview of fabrics, and the projects that suit them best:

  • Cottons or Calicos: This is the most versatile and easy-to-work-with fabric and is available in the largest variety of prints and patterns. Use cotton for simple projects such as bags, aprons, quilts, and other simple household items that you wish to create with fabric.
  • Duck, Canvas, or Denim: These are heavier, sturdier fabrics, but they are also tough to sew if you are a newbie or an inexperienced sewer. Due to their durability, these fabrics are a great option for outdoor projects such as patio pillows, patio set covers, throws, tents, or other outdoor fabric-based items.
  • Fleece or faux fur: These plush fabrics are super soft and cosy, and perfect for items such as blankets or pyjamas. You can also use them to make snuggly stuffed toys, or for other items for infants.
  • Flannel: This soft, velvety material is usually available in plenty of bright prints. It is ideal for blankets, throws, pyjamas, napkins, and any other items where you want the softness, without the bulkiness.
  • Satin, Tulle, or Silks: Usually meant for special occasions, these fabrics are suitable for anything delicate and decorative. They are slippery and much harder to sew, but they are apt for creating clothing and fancy accessories such as belts, wallets, coin purses, hairbands and others.

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