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    Hair Colour Spray 125ml

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    PaintGlow BioBlends Glitter Shaker

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    PaintGlow BioShades Glitter Shaker

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    Scar Skin

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    Snazaroo Brush Pen Set

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Face Painting Kits: Add that Glitter and Glam to Any Event or Party

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or a festival, if you are going to host a party, you always need to think of innovative ways to keep the kids engaged. While there are plenty of possibilities, the one thing you can always rely on is the dress-up trick. No matter how old they are, most kids love to get into the avatar of their favourite animated character, or superhero. And whether or not you make that a theme of the party, you can certainly let them play with colours to try face painting or temporary tattoos.

At Raaaft, we stock oodles of glitters and colours that will ensure that your kiddie guests can explore their creativity safely, with the highest quality paints. Moreover, face painting is hugely popular amongst people of all ages. So don’t be surprised if the adults in your party are also curious to try a design or two. Remember what the great Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist once you grow up.”

Huge Selection of Face Painting Supplies

In this section, you are sure to find every imaginable child-friendly, water-based colour you need. All the paints we supply are 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Check out stencils and tattoo stamp kits for a variety of superheroes, animated characters, witches, fairies, zombies, animals, butterflies, and more. Add that sparkle with our glitter gels, glow paints, self-adhesive gems and stones, and paint sticks. Stock up on all the accessories you need, such as application brushes, sponges, and glues. We also offer temporary chalk highlights that can be safely used on the hair.

If you have your own budget-friendly face painting supplies from Raaaft, imagine how much time and money you would save. Skip waiting in long queues at fairs, festivals, and parks to get your child’s face painted by a professional artist. Instead, go on and have fun with colours. Explore your child’s and your own creativity to the fullest! Scary designs for a Halloween party, theme party makeup kits for your kid’s birthday, temporary tattoos for your girls’ night, and whatever else you are planning, we have the face paint and art supplies you need.

Make Raaaft Your Creative Supplies Depot and Be Rewarded

Raaaft has been retailing an extensive range of creative supplies since 1976. Our products cater to a host of artistic pursuits, and painting is just one of them. Order your face painting kits, accessories, and other art and craft supplies through our site and earn benefits for repeat purchases. As our loyal customer, we reward you with a 10% credit on every order, which you can use on your subsequent purchase. If you are shopping with us for the first time, get 20% off on your first order.

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The Tradition of Face Painting

Apart from being an entertainment activity at fairs and functions, face painting is an intrinsic part of many cultures across the world. For instance:

  • Several communities in South East Asia have a tradition of beautifying their brides and grooms by painting their faces, hands and legs with henna or sandalwood.
  • Indigenous tribes and Aboriginals even today use face and body painting for their rituals and dances. While some tribes use masks carved out of wood, others use mud, coloured clay, or pigments extracted from the natural resources available in their surroundings.
  • Traditionally warriors used symbolic images on their face and body to display their heroic feats, or as a tribute to their spiritual guides. Even today, defence personnel across the world use face paints for camouflaging themselves when they venture into dangerous territories.

In fact, some archaeologists believe that modern day cosmetics may also have their roots in the tradition of face painting. After all, most human beings have an intrinsic need to transform and beautify themselves. Make-up, masks, face paints, tattoos, or piercings are just some of the ways to address that need. 

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