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Face Painting Accessories to Perfect Your Creations

A cool and stylish art, face painting is extremely popular amongst kids, especially at amusement parks, fundraisers, parties, sporting events, and for festive occasions such as Halloween. But face painting is not just for kids, adults too enjoy playing the occasional dress-up and painting their faces to add that fun, quirky element to a certain occasion. The extensive collection of face paints and face painting accessories at Raaaft will help you to explore your creativity and paint all those beautiful designs that you imagined.

All the Must-Have Accessories When it Comes to Face Painting

We stock oodles of glitters and colours in face and body paints in a variety of consistencies such as gel, stick, cake or chalk. To apply each of these paints, you need different types of applicators, and we have them all at Raaaft. Shop on our site for a range of brushes, high density sponges and other applicators that you need. You can pick an individual brush of a particular thickness or bristle type or go for the complete set. Stock up on your sponge stash with our economically-priced multipacks. These will come in handy if you take up a face painting assignment where you will try to use one sponge per kid, to maintain good hygiene. In addition to face paints and accessories, check out our assorted collection of make-up kits and our creative range of stencils and tattoos.

Order Your Face Painting Supplies from Raaaft and Be Rewarded

Order all your face paints, accessories and other creative supplies through our site and earn benefits for repeat purchases. As our loyal customer, we reward you with a 10% credit on every order, which you can use on your subsequent purchase. If you are shopping with us for the first time, get 20% off on your first order. Click here to create an account now.

Accessorize Your Face Painting Kit to Perfect Your Creations

Face painting is like any other form of art, just buying the paints is not enough. Without the right kind of accessories, you will not be able to achieve the desired finesse and beauty in your face painting creations. Besides, if you are taking up assignments at your neighbourhood parties and events, you want to look like a seasoned professional, even if you are a budding hobbyist. Here are some must-have accessories in your face painting kit:

  • Applicators: Make sure you have different types of applicators including brushes, mascara sticks, lip gloss tips, disposable swabs, glitter and tattoo applicators and vials, spatulas, eyeshadow applicators, and more.
  • Palettes: Mix your face paints in palettes to arrive at that perfect hue and give your design the authenticity and originality that you desire.
  • Setting Sprays, Powders and Glues: To lend a professional touch to your face or body art, you want to make sure that the paints don’t smudge, fade or streak due to sweating. Add setting sprays or powders before or after to create the barriers that hold the paint and makeup even in challenging weather conditions. Similarly, stock up on the right kind of glues, sealants or adhesives that will help to hold the glitter and sequins that you may have used in your creation.
  • Removers: Children can be fussy and cranky at times. If your kiddie client does not like your creation or is suddenly in the mood to wipe it all off, keep a stock of good quality makeup removers, adhesive removers, and cleaning solutions handy.
  • Organisers: Store your paints in a compartmentalised storage solution, arrange your glitter tattoos and stencils in an album, and neatly stack up your brushes, sponges and palettes in boxes or other creative storage solutions.
  • Design Menus: Put together a portfolio of your past work or collect sample images and make a design menu to show your potential customers the variety of designs that you can create. The see-through pocket folders available in arts and crafts stores are the perfect way to let customers pick and choose the design they want.
  • Practice Pads and Masks: Whether you are a budding artist or a professional face painter, you always want to try out new techniques or perfect your existing designs in your spare time. Stock up on some practice pads and blank face masks to make sure that you never have any dearth of space to perfect your art.

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