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    Olfa Rotary Cutter

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    Sew Easy Fabric Marker

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    Sew Easy Pins Quilters Glass Head 50mm

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    Sew Easy Quilters Tape 27m x 6mm

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    Sew Easy Rotary Blade Set Pinking Skip and Wave Blades

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    Sew Easy Rotary Blades Straight 45mm

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Quilting: Sew Patch after Patch into a Stunning Masterpiece

An incredibly satisfying needlecraft, quilting is all about creating gorgeous patchwork creations that you can gift to family or friends. Of course, you can also create the most delightful quilts to snuggle up and stay warm in bed. In addition to being an excellent project for beginner sewers, quilting has an intriguing way of nudging the creative souls. You will need to choose from a wide variety of fabrics, prints, and colour families, and decide how to sew them together in one beautiful, stylish creation. Here at Raaaft, we are not really making that choice easy. Our extensive range of quilting fabrics is sure to tempt you, excite you and challenge you with the diverse options on our site. We are quite confident that you will stock up an even bigger stash than you planned!

Quilting Supplies that will Tempt You to Never Stop Sewing

Browse our site for a fabulous range of quilting fabrics in every imaginable colour and pattern. From geometric shapes and polka dots, to vintage floral, animals and birds, we have a range of patchwork pieces that will leave you spoilt for choice. Check out all the quilting accessories you need, including cutters, rotary blade sets, fabric markers, glass head pins, fabric scissors, patchwork rulers, cutting mats and quilters’ tapes. Find a variety of quilt batting in premium cotton and polyester. If you intend to dye or embroider your patchwork, don’t forget to add a quilting hoop or frame to your cart. We also stock an excellent range of readymade quilting kits that include the fat quarters or pre-cut fabrics, borders and sashing fabrics, and illustrated instructions on how to sew the quilt. These kits come in varied themes and colours and make an ideal gift for a budding sewer. 

Piece Together Your Patches and Sew Happy Smiles

In addition to quilting supplies, we stock a fantastic variety of items related to other needlework, haberdashery, crafts and hobbies. When you shop on Raaaft for these supplies, you are also sewing a smile on the faces of young children. For every order over £5, we will provide life-saving water to needy children.

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Quilting Family Traditions in Every Square, Rectangle and Triangle

For several families, quilting has been a tradition that has been lovingly passed on for generations, since the early 1600s. Considered treasured heirlooms, quilts were usually sewn by women and gifted to other family members, especially brides-to-be and expectant mothers. Here are some other interesting aspects of traditional quilts:

  • Family Tree Quilts: In addition to sewing quilts for bridal showers and baby showers, the quilting tradition involved sewing family trees into the patches. This included sewing of names, photos, and important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Such quilts were passed down from one generation to another, and sometimes left partially unfinished. Every person who received it as a gift was to sew in a patch or two to fill up some empty spaces before handing it down to the next generation.
  • Double Ring Quilts: The traditional quilt that was made as a wedding gift had a specific double ring pattern, which symbolised the bond of marriage and love between the bride and groom.
  • Baby Quilts: Quilts made for babies were typically gifted to the expectant mother during the baby shower. Most baby quilts were made from pleasant, pastel shades and featured pictures of animals, birds and flowers or block and geometric patterns. They were used to keep babies warm, but then families also started using them as accent pieces in the nursery.

In recent times, traditional handloom quilts have also been used as tapestry, home décor, or bedspreads. These prized possessions silently narrate the stories of ancestors and enjoy a place of pride in the hearts and homes of such families.

If you do not have at least one such quilt, it is never too late to start your own family tradition of quilting.

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