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Beads, Charms, Pendants and Studs: Every Piece of Jewellery Tells a Story

Ask any little girl or grown woman if she has enough jewellery, and you know the answer to that question already. There is always room for more! Besides, if it happens to be personally created or handcrafted by a friend or family member, the sentimental value of that item is even higher. At Raaaft, we identify with those feelings and offer an exhaustive range of jewellery making supplies that cater to a complete beginner as well as a master crafter.

Your Ultimate Destination for Jewellery Making Supplies

Shop on Raaaft and find all those little goodies in small packages. Enjoy a wide range of colours and sizes of glass, wood, plastic or metal beads, as well as studs, pearls and semi-precious stones. Choose from an assortment of jewellery findings, including wires, clasps, hooks, rings, and cords. Browse through our impress art section for embossing stamps to personalize that little trinket, bracelet or ring that you are making. Discover the perfect charm or pendant and don’t forget to order your jewellery making tools such as pliers, glue guns, and perhaps even some storage solutions for stocking those pretty drops of colour.

We also offer well-constructed jewellery making kits from top brands. With all the tools and materials available in one comprehensive package, it has never been easier to create beautiful pieces of jewellery. These kits could be the perfect gift for young girls who have just discovered the beautiful, sparkling world of jewellery!

Top Quality Jewellery Making Supplies at Competitive Prices

When it comes to creating those chains, ear rings, and trinkets, you want to choose from a diverse range of quality products that are also affordable. Raaaft’s comprehensive stock of supplies meet all your jewellery making requirements at competitive prices. Additionally, we offer a 10% credit on every order, when you shop with us continually. You can use the credit on your subsequent purchase.

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The Starry Way to Customize Your Jewellery

Whether or not you believe in astrology, customizing your jewellery by zodiac signs is something that never gets old, or out of fashion. So why not let the stars lead the way while you make or gift a piece of jewellery? Here is a quick glance at what may work best for each sign:

  • Aries: Their high energy and enthusiasm can only be matched with a ‘more is less’ philosophy. Go with designs that scream maximalist. If you are looking at gem stones, try rubies or a coral set in silver.
  • Taurus: Their practical, yet self-indulgent nature, means that your choices could range from delicate jewellery to bold, statement pieces. For stones, go with yellow topaz set in gold, copper or silver.
  • Gemini: Vibrant and lively, Geminis like anything quirky, sparkly and colourful. Purple is their colour, give them something with the amethyst.
  • Cancer: Sentimental and big believers of ‘forever and always’, Cancerians will treasure any piece of jewellery you give them, especially if it is personalized. Emeralds and moonstones work best with this sign.
  • Leo: The large-hearted, gregarious Leos will love bold, chunky pieces of jewellery. Amber set in gold or copper may be an excellent choice.
  • Virgo: These meticulous people love the delicate. For them, definitely ‘less is more’. Choose something subtle and minimalist such as dainty pearls or dark, intricate oxidized jewellery. If you are keen on stones, look for blue sapphire or blue topaz.
  • Libra: These sociable people with a balanced attitude choose jewellery based on the occasion. Topaz or aquamarine may please them immensely.
  • Scorpio: Multifaceted but private people, Scorpios prefer simple pieces of jewellery. Gift them opal or topaz.
  • Sagittarius: Jovial and optimistic, Sagittarians appreciate blue. Go with the sapphire, turquoise or anything else in a sparkly blue.
  • Capricorn: The ambitious Capris have an eye for everything high-end. Give them classy, elegant pieces of jewellery. For stones, try garnet or onyx.
  • Aquarius: Innovators and true humanitarians, they prefer to wear something extraordinary, or nothing at all. Something eco-friendly will definitely be appreciated. Or go all out with an unconventional piece made of garnet, amethyst or opal.
  • Pisces: Selfless, unworldly and born dreamers. Gift them something that is timeless, maybe silver rings or bracelets. Aquamarine, jade, Bloodstone and sapphire work well with Pisceans.

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