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Cords that Strike a Bejewelled Chord

There is nothing quite as satisfying as handcrafting jewellery for yourself or your loved ones. Not only do you get to explore your creativity with a variety of materials and embellishing accessories, you can also custom-design unique pieces that no one else will have or wear. At Raaaft, we are passionate about crafting and understand your creative requirements. We know that you need the right jewellery cords when you create those bespoke neckpieces, bracelets, and anklets. Hence, we stock an extensive collection of stringing materials to help you bind the beads and pendants of your beautiful pieces.

All the Stringing Materials You Need

Explore our site for a diverse range of jewellery stringing materials, including waxed linen cords, hemp cords, cotton cords and satin cords. All the cords are available in a variety of colours, lengths and widths. If you are looking to give your jewellery a modern touch, consider alternate materials such as leather cords, chains, bootlaces, or even elastics or illusion cords. We also stock a large collection of jewellery wires. Remember to browse through the rest of our jewellery section to pick up your essential tools and jewellery findings.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Jewellery Making Supplies

In addition to cords and wires, we offer a diverse range of beads, pendants and findings. Order all your jewellery making supplies through us and earn benefits for repeat purchases. As our loyal customer, we reward you with 10% credit on every order, which you can use on your subsequent purchase. If you are shopping with us for the first time, get 20% off on your first order. Click here to create an account now.

A String of Stringing Materials

As is true in any creative activity, innovating and improvising is an integral part of jewellery making. When it comes to stringing materials, you can rely on traditional options such as wires and cords, or consider alternatives such as bootlaces and elastics or even ribbons and fabric. All stringing materials are available in a range of colours and chunkiness and most of them are easy to bead, knot and work with.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the materials:

  • Waxed cotton cords are durable, versatile materials for stringing or knotting beads into a bracelet, anklet or neckpiece. Since they are water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about them breaking down. Just apply a little clear nail varnish to the ends to avoid fraying when you thread a lot of beads through them.
  • Natural hemp cords are strong, eco-friendly and colourfast. Use them in any jewellery making project or also for a variety of home décor and craft projects.
  • Genuine leather cords are quite easy to work with and they are ideal for stringing beads with larger holes. Bracelets or neckpieces made with leather cords exude a modern, casual vibe and are also quite popular in men’s jewellery items.
  • Elastic is a good option if you plan to make stretchable anklets, bracelets or neckpieces with a comfortable fit for all sizes.
  • Beading threads are most suitable for beads with tiny holes and they usually need a special beading needle in order to string your charms, pendants and beads properly.
  • Illusion cords are an interesting option when you want to create the appearance of beads floating around the neck or wrist without the stringing material being visible. Since this is a fine, stiff thread, it doesn’t really need a beading needle.
  • Ribbons can also be used in stringing beads, but they would only work with beads that have larger holes.
  • If you are working with pearls or other delicate beads, try to work with stretchy silk threads.

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