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Jewellery Wires to Tie up Your Unique Creations

When you are crafting handmade jewellery, the right stringing materials can make all the difference. The tightness with which the beads are held, the shape and fit of the piece, and the look of the material that peaks in between the beads or studs, can make or break your unique creation. Whether you are a jewellery making enthusiast or an accomplished artist, at Raaaft you will find a wide range of jewellery wire that are sure to meet your requirements for design and functionality.

Wire Wrap Your Beads, Stones and Studs

Whether you are wire wrapping a briolette or wire lashing beaded jewellery, we have everything you need. Shop on our site for a wide range of wires in varying gauges, thickness, colours and materials. You can choose from copper wires, memory wires, stringing wires, aluminium wires, nylon wires, silver or gold plated wires and even plastic coated wires. When you look for wires, also browse our site for other jewellery making supplies, including cords, pendants, beads and findings.

Wire Jewelry Making Supplies at Your Doorstep for Free

Shop for all your jewellery making supplies on our site and enjoy free delivery if your cart value exceeds £30. Place your order before 1.00 p.m. and get guaranteed next day delivery at your doorstep. If you are shopping with us for the first time, get 20% off on your first order. Click here to create an account now.

A Glimpse into the Art of Wire Wrapping

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for handcrafting jewellery, and is said to have originated in the Phoenician Empire around 1000 BC. Several museums around the world have samples of wire wrapped jewellery from the Sumerian Dynasty as well as from Ancient Rome. In the 1800s, the art of wire wrapping found a place in the Bohemian culture. Several fantastic pieces of bracelets and necklaces were made using wire to weave the beads and stones. These pieces remained extremely popular amongst the European aristocrats for over 50 years.

The reason wire wrapped jewellery is popular even today is because every piece is unique and no two pieces can ever be identical. Considered a true art form, making wire wrapped jewellery can take anywhere between a couple of hours to several dozen hours, depending on the complexity and weave of the piece you are making. Are you interested in learning this charming form of jewellery making? Find an online course or a workshop closer to home and acquire this unique skill for handcrafting jewellery.

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