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    Blocking Board with Pins

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    Flat Split Ring Stitch Marker

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    French Knitter

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    Knitting Pin Case 285

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    Knitting Pin Soft Case - Duck Egg Spot Print

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    Knitting Row Counter

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    Knitting Spool D3cm H12cm 4 Needles

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  • Point Protector Lge CL

    Point Protector Clover

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    Point Protector Pony

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    Pom Pom Maker

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    Stitch Holder

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    Wool Sewing Needles 2pcs

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    Yarn Bobbins Small 9pcs

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Wool Accessories to Create Stunning Yarn Crafts

When you set on that journey of weaving a single strand of yarn into one stunning creation, the main aspects are the design or pattern you knit, the wool and needles you choose and your own skills as a needle clicker. However, there are several other bits and pieces that need to fall in place for a successful knitting journey. From keeping a count of your knitted rows, to holding up the stitches in place, you need all the right wool accessories so that your yarn craft creation turns out perfectly.

Huge Selection of Wool Accessories

Here at Raaaft, you will find an extensive collection of wool accessories. Choose from a range of knitting spools, wool sewing needles, stitch holders and markers, row counters, point protectors and more. Enjoy a wide variety of soft knitting cases in pastel shades as well as vintage floral prints. If your creation involves more than one colour of wool, make sure you have a yarn bobbin to make your work neat and easy while using multiple yarns. We also stock a huge collection of knitting and weaving looms in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. If you are looking for gifts for young yarn crafters, check out our readymade beading loom kits. They include the bead loom, beads, threads, needles, and detailed instructions to put together a beautiful creation. 

Shop for Wool Accessories and Be Rewarded

On our site, you will find the choicest selection of wool accessories from the best brands in the business. Order all your wool accessories through us and earn benefits for repeat purchases. As our loyal customer, we reward you with a 10% credit on every order, which you can use on your subsequent purchase. If you are shopping with us for the first time, get 20% off on your first order. Click here to create an account now.

Knick Knacks that Every Wool Lover Should Have

To start a knitting project, all you may need is a ball of wool and couple of knitting needles, but to complete the project, you will need several tiny, wool accessories. Here’s a list of items that every knitting bag should have:

  • A variety of needles such as straight needles, circular needles, double pointed needles, and tapestry needles.
  • Blocking tools such as knit blocking mats and knit blockers.
  • Stitch markers, point protectors or needle caps, stitch holders, needle gauges and row counters.
  • Miscellaneous items such as wool wash and fuzz removers and compact wool winders and swifts.

Most importantly, find a cool knitting bag that will hold all these items in neat, compartmentalised sections, and inspire you during your yarn craft projects.

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