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    Batik Tjanting Tool

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    Batik Wax 250g

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    Pebeo Discovery Set Setasilk

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    Pebeo Gutta

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    Pebeo Setasilk

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A Vibrant Touch of Silk Paints for Your Smooth, Silky Creations

When you have decided to make silk your canvas, your rich, smooth creations need silk-friendly colours. Available in vivid colour options, silk paints are water-based and usually fixed by low heat ironing. Here at Raaaft, we believe that using silk paints on silky creations will not only give you the best finishes, but also protect your delicate materials from damage through other harsher paints. Check out our gorgeous collection of quality silk paints in a variety of intense, bold colours.

All the Silk Paints You Need

Shop on our site for a huge collection of quick-dry, low-odour silk paints in a range of vibrant colours. You can choose from glossy, matte and semi matte finishes, and apply these paints with paintbrushes or airbrushes. Thanks to their high opacity and excellent flow properties, silk paints will offer exceptionally smooth results without leaving any trace of brush marks. Use our silk paints on different types of silk, including georgette, pongee, crepe and twill.

Quality Silk Paints at Competitive Prices

Achieve a rich, refined look for your silky, creative projects with silk paints. Raaaft offers a comprehensive supply of bold silk paints at affordable prices. Take advantage of our quality products at affordable prices and enjoy free delivery if your order value exceeds £30. If you are not happy with the quality of your purchase, you can return the item within 14 days of receiving your order and get a full refund. Read up more about our Returns Policy.

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The Fine Art of Silk Painting

Silk painting as an art form finds its roots in China, with over 2000 years of fascinating history. Using white silk as the surface, Chinese artisans used to beat the silk cloths against boulders to smoothen the surface, before applying coloured pigment to the cloth. The earliest paintings were made with animal hair brushes. Colour pigments consisted of soot and glue or vermillion and Azurite. Modern day silk paintings are created with dyes and silk paints and this art is now followed all over the world. In fact, the latest techniques such as ‘Seri’ use simple methods of outlining and dye-filling, making silk painting almost as easy as kiddie colouring books. Today, it is possible for even novice artists to successfully create stunning silk paintings.

If you happen to own or create a silk painting, you should know that continuous exposure to moisture or humid environment can make the fibre quite brittle. If you are going to frame your painting, allow a little gap in the framing so that there is some air flow. That will help to minimise moisture build up and keep your painting intact.

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